Welcome to VideoHeritage

Video-Heritage is a company set up by an award winning team of television professionals to produce broadcast quality Video-Biographies of family members.

Family History and Video Biography

With television series like Who do you think you are? the BBC and other broadcasters are tapping into the nation's appetite for family history, uncovering and recording people's heritage. It is now possible for everyone to benefit from this interest.

All of us have sat and listened to an elderly relative whose stories and reminiscences flesh out times gone by and bring history to life, but how many of us are fortunate enough to have committed these stories to audio or videotape.

At VideoHeritage we have many years of experience in factual television. We only use broadcast quality camera, sound and editing equipment and produce biographies guaranteed to enthrall future generations.

We have a number of package options to choose from and can tailor our services to individual needs.

For those who want to develop the skills needed to tackle such projects themselves we can run workshops or you can check out our Beginner's Guide.

VideoHeritage.co.uk has also produced a DVD step by step guide to producing your own video-biographies.

Create a living, breathing, historical document.

Making a Video Biography

VideoHeritage have now produced a 52min DVD guide to producing your own Video Biographies.

Taking you through the steps needed to pre-plan, light and conduct a biographical interview as well as editing and presenting the finished biography, it will show you how to engage in family history in a fun and creative way.

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